an artist, a singer, a composer … and a boxer
I like hockey, porridge, ripped jeans and collecting old American cars.
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My new Russian music album "tête-à-tête" is out on iTunes. Also two new music videos are already filmed and I’m editing them now. Here you can see my latest video "Like your eyes"
Also I have just recently returned to professional boxing after a two-year break due to a shoulder injury. In March this year I’m planning to fight for the British title.
Hello everyone. My name is Angel McKenzie. I'm an artist with a wide range of interests: I write and perform songs, paint (mostly oil paintings, but also watercolours and acrylics), make movies, and I’m also boxing professionally.
I was born and bred in Moscow (Russia) but for the last 17 years I’ve been working and living in London. My Russian name is Elena Sadko (you can read more about my Russian lifestyle here:
When I was 6 years old my parents sent me to music school to study piano. I was tone deaf at the time and didn’t have any musical talents but I could shout very loudly. Somehow I passed the music school’s entrance exams and for the next 7 years I was going there every day. I didn’t enjoy playing the piano much but I liked recording music from the TV and listening to it with my friends. My view on music totallychanged when my older sister got a guitar. I was blown away by the guitar and played day and night trying to learn chords of famous songs.